I'm new to the forum. I have a question about the sound cards that are installed in back of the keyboards. I have a KN6000 and have heard in the past that one of the sound cards has a better (fuller) piano sound than the excellent main piano in the KN6. I would appreciate knowing which card has this better piano sound. It seems to me that it was called the EW-65 but when I inquired about it from Technote, I was told there are 4 cards and they are Number 1 - Pop, Number 2 - Vintage, Number 3, etc., etc. According to what I was told, there is no reference to EW-01 and in this case, what I thought the updated piano was in, the EW-65. Am I confused or what? Anyway, I would appreciate hearing from you members which card I am referring to and just how good this piano sound is and above all, if better, why and how does it sound better? The one in the KN6 is very good.


KN6 Guy