Just located your "Technics Forum" whilst chasing up info for SX-KN2000, without success, did'nt know "Technics" was even out of production as I've not played for a considerable time.. Have the keyboard out of mothballs and all was working great after I gave is a thorough service and clean out.. Just set it up for some practice and bumped the floppy disc I had sitting the disc drive, guess what drive no does not "see" a diskette as being in the drive, may have disturbed alignment. Problem is I have all service manual from every keyboard I've had but they're packed away and I cannot seem to locate them.. Is there anyone out there that would have a kn2000 service manual that could email me the pages relevant to repair/service of the floppy disk drive, hopefully I can then get it working, also I guess I should ask does anyone have a spare 720k DD drive for sale, or is it possible to fit a hard drive or external floppy to these as an alternative..

Any help greatly appreciated as I cannot access 15 years of saved work on my floppies otherwise, nor can I practice so I can play a special song or 2 for my daughters coming wedding. Many Thanks Rob