We are many different players, with different desires and needs I would like to share mine.

I used registrations to call up everything I needed to play a song; rarely used the OTS.

In the best days of my career I used Technics keyboards. There was A,B,C, and 1 to 8 registrations. I used 1 to 8 to select all that I needed to play the song. A,B,C, were used to select different type of bands.
1-Big Band sound.
2-Latin Band
3-Rock Band

The A,B,C, registrations called up instruments, volumes, and effects, no styles. That gave me three bands, and eight songs. Today we might say eight song sets, and three band sets. I had 3 user sets, three different pages, giving room for 24 songs, and 9 different bands. I used this set up for many years, it served me well.

Yamaha Sx900:
I am using the same type of set up for my Sx900. In many ways it is very much like the Kn7000 with a lot more. I love pressing a trumpet, and then pressing Demo to hear how it sounds.

When I select piano in #1, I have Vibes in #2, and Guitar in #3, both #2 and #3, are muted. The left hand is the same piano as #1; both my right and left hands work together. Left hand volume may be as high as 85. working both hands is part of my organ days.

After selecting the instruments, I move on to the Accomp. I remember the Big Band days when a trumpet player took a solo – I delete pats, change volumes, and sometimes change instruments. I do my best to create that which I remember.
The same is done with all 8 Regs.
Only one Reg. is used on songs that are not very important. If the songs are more important I use 4 Regs.

I a now working on calling up a different style that can blend with the first one, then going back to the first one, giving the song more life. This just the beginning, there is more that I can do – like the Pads, the EQs, and changing Variations. I have not been able to change the Octave of instrument #1 without change all three right hand sounds. HELP PLEASE.

PlayList --- Tag --- Select from list, I am ready to select the next song. I will only do the above to the songs that I love.
As I learn more I will post.

All opinions welcome, I am here to learn, to increase my pleasure,

John C.