Some of you may have been around when Technics Music Canada found it necessary to close their forum. That was caused primarily by inappropriate forum entries that found fault with the KN6000 when it was first introduced. The forum in essence became a source of reasons not to buy the Technics product. It didn't make much sense for Technics Music Canada to continue with a forum that had a negative impact on their sales. Technote stepped in to fill that void. I have not been following the Technote forum lately, but it sounds like a similar thing has happened there. I hope you folks refrain from using this forum as a vehicle to send copyright styles to and from each other. Let's not put Nigel in that sort of situation. I hope we can use this forum to help one another with ideas and solutions to problems and for the transfer of information that each of us wants to hear. I, for one, am looking forward to the KN7000 if it ever is to be released. There is nothing new at NAMM this month.