HI, glad you have posted here. I can certainly understand what you are saying. I guess I did NOT realize anything we received from the Christams disks that various people were sending was anything copyrighted. I can certainly understand if a Technotes disk was used to to create one of these Christmas disks that they would react strongly. I do know at least one song disk was 100% Technics internal styles. One was from converted Roland styles and one was created by the sender. I guess I didn't notice the one that had Technote styles.

I have had great appreciation and gratitute for finding Technotes after I bought by KN6000 since there is not local help. The dealer I bought it from couldn't do more than run the demo. I have always had good service from them with anything I had bought. In fact I bought a SX3 from them around Christmas and it arrived so fast I wasn't even looking for it yet!

I think if they had only explained things at the beginning we could have understood. But suddenly closing he site for nearly a week, coming back with all the censorship, then refusing to answer posts, deleting post etc.....well it sure has gotten us upset to say the least.

I have appreciated all your expertise, and I have also received much help form your book.

I did not email you because I knew you knew about this site and I didn't feel I should bother you....I knew if you wanted to post you would. That is certainly up to you.

Thanks for the very sensible post.