From what I've gathered over the years and especially reading the many posts from members here, the consensus seems to be that Yamaha's weakest area has been in the Latin section (if we are talking about one of the major categories on a keyboard). I probably tend to agree especially when I've put my Korg's right up against it, in fact, every single Korg I've owned from the i30 in fact !!!.

I don't know why but Yamaha's latins have always seemed a little lacking, tame or dare I say, lifeless/bland/average. The latest free Latin expansion pack for the S970/S975 (that actually makes up part of the PLUS section in the S975) wasn't that earth shattering either. But then you look at the other major categories ballads, dance, swing, R&B etc.. and they are some of the best out there. But to be fair, I do really like some of Yamaha's Bossa's though, they've always been very nice. Not so good with ChaChaCha's.

So why is there such a difference with Latins? Is it the drums that makes all the difference? Or don't they just know how to do it.

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