Hello friends

I need to say something in this Latin style regard with Yamaha, not because I am part of the tema that develops this packs, but, I am certain that with the expansion packs like the Mariachi-Norteño-TexMex, Banda Mexicana, Cumbia Latina y mas, Salsa and now with the Fiesta Caliente, we have gather the authentic Latino styles, what the people hear on the radio and tv in Mexico, Central America, South-America, this is the "Real" latino music, NOW, the American/English concept of Latino is very different.....

The Bossa Nova, Samba, and others are the Latin concept more for the Anglo/American idea, so, in regard of Latino authenticity, I am pretty sure Yamaha now has it, as always, we are now working on the next expansion packs that are going to be part of the great collection of styles, as an example, on the Jazz/BBand category, we have many, many Foxtrots, Swings, etc...we are going to be doing the samething in the Latino categories, lets not settle with just one Rhumba or Bolero, or Chacha, there are many ways to play each one of those.

As an example, never ever before on any other board, had the Bajo sexto for the Norteño, nor the Vihuela and Guitarron, Gritos, etc....of Many samples for this series of expansion packs that make them sound authentic since this are the real instruments used on these genres.

My sugestion to some friends is to learn some songs that go with those styles, I will be happy to sugest different songs, as an example: Boleros: Perfidia, Contigo aprendí, Sabor a mi, Una historia de un amor. CHacha: El Bodeguero, Frenesí, Nunca en Domingo, Las lecciones del CHa cha cha, Espinita.
If it is the Mariachi Pack, in Joropo: La Bikina, mi Ciudad. In Cumbia Latina y mas, Vals Peruano: La flor de la Canela, Odiame, etc.
Cumbia Colombiana: Juana la Cubana, La Colegiala, La Pollera Colora.

My 2 cents

Manuel Dorantes