Ok, I understand you.

The first thing you should try is saving a midi file from your KN7000 and opening it in Musecore. That will let you see whether most, or all, of the information you want in your score is transferred. maybe it will be good enough for what you want. If not, then you can look further into how you can prepare your sequences for saving as midi files.

Alternatively, You can use a midi interface:

When you play your KN7000, or when you play back a sequence on your KN7000, it is possible to send what is played, via a midi interface, to your computer. The sequencer in KN7000 is essentially the same as a midi editor on a computer. When you playback, it is concurrently sending midi signals to the midi interface (you have to set that up in the KN7000's midi settings screens).

I always recommend the Roland UM-ONE mk2 midi interface -

But I heard that the Yamaha midi interface is pretty good too. I haven't used it.

Cheaper ones will give you problems.

Your computer can then record the midi signals coming from KN7000 into Musecore and show them as notes.

So, you would play the violins track on your sequencer and record that. Then you would play the horns track and record it. And so on. Doing one track at a time keeps it simple (but it is also possible to record all the tracks at once). Then, you assemble all your tracks into a music score. You can display the score different ways or print out individual parts.

Personally, I would use Sibelius for this instead of Musecore. Here is a good video about recording midi from a keyboard into Sibelius -

You don't have to manually play the parts in, like the lady does in the video. You can use the KN7000 sequencer to play the parts you have already recorded.

Here is Sibelius -

Once your tracks are in Musecore or Sibelius or another program (there are many alternatives), you can play them back via the midi interface and hear them on KN7000. Or, you can save them as midi and load them into KN7000. Or email them to friends with other keyboards. Or play them back on your computer, using the midi sounds that are built-in to Windows. etc etc

The programmes understand whether a violin or horn or piano is playing because each instrument is sent on a different midi channel, along with an instruction to tell the computer "I am playing a violin sound" etc. You set it up in the programme and on KN7000 so that they understand all of that.

If your main purpose is to print out the scores, you will find that you have to do some editing to make them perfect after recording. Especially if you haven't quantised your sequences in KN7000.

I'm making this sound simple because I'm trying to be brief. However, whether you load in a midi file or record it via the interface, a complex arrangement will take several hours of editing in Musecore / Sibelius to make it look like a perfect manuscript.

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