I know nothing about Midi files because I don't use other people's ideas. I have never downloaded any into the keyboard. I do complete original arrangements on the KN7000 and have a digital recorder with a built-in CD burner. ---- Mark

As Bill N. said, Midi itself does not have any audio sound. They are like on and off switches. When your keyboard converts the digital information, you then have audio nusic.

Since Midi files are a form of recorded music, will this work? No, because they are not a form of audio music. If you were to listen to a digital sound, it would sound like static.

The reason I want to make my arrangements Midi files is because I want to use Musescore to write the full arrangements.--MARK

The only way you can use A program for writing full arrangements is to use a program that supports midi and not auio. Midi file.

Save your midi file as a midi files, and then load it into a program that supports midi. I used CakeWalk for may years, I do not know the Musescore program.

I hope this helps, I can remember my confusion when I first worked with nidi. I had to buy Working with midi for Dummies (smile)
John C.