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Thanks, Scott.

WOW! What a program! I have a great set-up with my KN7000. I transfer everything to a BR-900CD, which is a digital 64 track recorder. It has a built-in CD burner. I can take the burned CD and put it in my computer and file it. I am assuming that will create a midi file--right? If so, I will have to figure out how to use Musescore to print out the parts. Thanks, again.


Since I am not that familiar with the KN7000 I think it a good idea to go to the Technics Discussion here and find out how to create, find and transfer a midi file. Then go to File on the upper left
on Musescore and open the file. Once it's up go to File and then print.

If the data you are trying to work with on your keyboard is anything but a midi file then you can not convert that. You can't convert a wav, mp3 file for example to midi. It must be recorded in midi on your keyboard.

Hope this helps.