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Hi Scott,

Musescore is a fascinating program. I have used it very little and it has been some time since I have used it. If I am correct you can download a midi file and it will print out the parts. Is this correct? If so, I have done sizable arrangements on the KN7000 keyboard. Is there a way to get these arrangements into the computer and Musescore print the parts? It sounds very involved for a program to do this. This of course if it is possible.

Yes, Musescore will not only print out the parts from a midi file it will also play them on your computer. I move midi files from my keyboard to the computer using a usb thumb drive. I don't know if the KN7000 had usb. If not, you will have to look in your manual or check on the Technics discussion to see how to transfer files to computer. It may be that you use an SD card to transfer.

Once the file is on your computer just open the file.

Hope that helps.