Storage memory
I have two SUB ports a hard drive and user memory in the keyboard.
I can do most if not all the SD card does plus much more. I arrange everything in my computer – folders – folders in folders – lyrics—place it in a memory stick and then into my Tyros 2. There is no comparison.
1-Registration memory – unlimited storage.
2-Style – unlimited storage.
3-The same for sounds, pads, and lyrics – unlimited storage. It depends on your memory stick and the hard drive.
4-The registration memory or the Music Finder will go to any of the memory sources and select the style and settings.

Loading and playing midi files – no comparison. When you record everything is recorded as a midi file—drums, bass, pads and acomps.
I can record a song, place it on my memory stick, then put it in my computer and send it as is to any computer that can play midi files. That means I can record a song and in minutes my son, who has no keyboard can place into his PC and hear me play. Today the trend is to use MP3 audioo.

Sharing midi files, styles, pads and pads is easily done. No hassle.

There are in depth tutorials available on every part of the keyboard.
I have styles form Korg, Kentro, Gem, Roland and Technics in my memory stick – not just a few, almost every model.
500 sounds and 100 pads –and registrations from other players. There is much available because there are so many Yamaha players out there.

A vocal harmony that works very well – with editing, compression and EQ for all. And on and off switches on the top of the keyboard for talking – volume – and harmony selection.

It would take many pages to describe the Music Finder.
1-Main list
2-favorite list
3-And two search areas that can search from any agenda you can create; Big Band—Latin—Country--- Save your song/set-up with a keyword, do a search and you have a list to select from. You have Tempo and style.
You can search the main list by Music Name – Tempo – Style –

Registration Memory
1-In a single bank of eight you can save anything from the list on each memory button. There is no expanded, you can save just song on #1 and the complete list on #2 – more freedom.

At age 75 you know the type of music I love –my KN7000 did it all, and all so well. I am working pretty hard to bring the KN7 standard to my Tyros 2 in that area -- it is getting close.

If you love to record—The sequencer in the Kn7000 is out in front.

The Mixing Console has many of the features you would find on the big mixing boards. The one part I love allows me to control the sound of the entire keyboard from room to hall-to stage-ect—With two users set-ups. I am not talking just reverb. I set up the keyboard for a job, get the over all sound I want – when I am home I press a button and same settings change to fit my room.

If I were to play Big Band, Waltzes, music from the 30’s 40’s or possibly want to sound like one of the great organs I heard at the concerts years ago, I would not let the KN7000 out of my sight. It has no equal to my knowledge. Oh there may be one I might consider, the Wersi keyboard with a cost of $7,000 to $10,000. Amen!

I hope it helps those who are looking.
John C.

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