Sold my BK9 a couple days ago.. So I went with another E-A7 again,,fresh brand new one. There are features I preferred over the BK9, including a better OS. I like the 6 pads , seven assign buttons and I like the sampler for novelty things.. Yes the BK9 was superior with 22 SN sounds and the drawbar organ... I wanted the small footprint and speakers with the E-A7. For larger gigs I have the G70 (I like the G70 better than the BK9). Quick set up jobs the E-A7 is perfect..

I considered the alternative brands, but they left me feeling short changed.. I paid a bit more than I would have liked, but Sweetwater has benefits..

I was close to buying back my old E-A7 from DonM, but we could not get on the same available page.. I am still concerned about Chinese craftsmanship... That is why I finally went with a new E-A7 (2 year warranty).