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Allan, I have used 1manband for a long time.. so I have hands on experience.. Jos Maas has done a decent job with updates and features at very little cost..

V arranger from what I can tell.. Dan is going the extra mile to fine tune the program and add quality to his product, although at a higher cost (7 times the cost).

Jos Maas supplies his JM wave table (Microsoft GS table on steroids).

I believe Dan is working on other wave tables like Roland, Korg etc.

Both products are designed and allow for external sound sources.

The extra components of 1manband are great, and I believe you will find the same about V arranger..

I don't mind working with 1 man band , for a short period of time, but is not my ideal choice.. It appears to me that working with V arranger may be the better experience..

Ease of use..... 1 man band is a little hard at first, but you get use to it.. The layout on Varranger looks more thought out..

Both developers give great support for their products..

Someday I will get to try Dan's program and give a better evaluation.

Fran, thank you, I tried One man band a few years ago myself but found it frustrating and fiddly. Maybe it is just me but it seemed a bit fussy to the eyes.
The price is right and seemed to contain a lot for the money.
I would love it better if there was a touch screen option ( it was an older version).
I have not used Varranger2 at all, the price slowed me down ( and I personally have a keyboard arranger as well.)

The other software I have is BIAB ( again an older version 2006), but I found it was great for backing tracks and playing around with midi files etc. But no good for live arranging or on the fly setup. Maybe the later versions are better, plus the Real tracks in the newer version would life the whole experience a lot.

But again is this value for the money that you put into it - I am guessing not for a general user, but yes for someone who records their own songs etc.

Does anyone use BIAB live at all for anything??

Allan taz
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