Allan, I have used 1manband for a long time.. so I have hands on experience.. Jos Maas has done a decent job with updates and features at very little cost..

V arranger from what I can tell.. Dan is going the extra mile to fine tune the program and add quality to his product, although at a higher cost (7 times the cost).

Jos Maas supplies his JM wave table (Microsoft GS table on steroids).

I believe Dan is working on other wave tables like Roland, Korg etc.

Both products are designed and allow for external sound sources.

The extra components of 1manband are great, and I believe you will find the same about V arranger..

I don't mind working with 1 man band , for a short period of time, but is not my ideal choice.. It appears to me that working with V arranger may be the better experience..

Ease of use..... 1 man band is a little hard at first, but you get use to it.. The layout on Varranger looks more thought out..

Both developers give great support for their products..

Someday I will get to try Dan's program and give a better evaluation.