I had to post these Emails, they are about how men can relate under trying conditions. It’s a positive story. Here’s cheers to RC, ya gotta love this guy. John C.

John when I read your post I felt like throwing up. If you find the problem please let me know. If you have to have it repaired please let me know the cost if it is under 900. I will pay for it. If it cannot be fixed please let me know and I will send you 900.00. I feel so bad and I don’t want to have these feelings. I do hope it is something simple because I saw your eyes light up when I brought the keyboard in. It could be something that was loaded in with a SD card. RC (Roger Bollitti)

Ouch! You’re not gonna away with this, no way. I gave you a $100 tip for delivering the keyboard, that made me the best man. Then you gave me all that stuff in the boxes,that put you ahead of me. Now it’s my turn. (Smile)
Roger, the keyboard was working Fine until two days ago, now it’s my responsibility. But I do appreciate your concern. Take care my friend, John C

John take a picture of the keyboard when it’s turned on and send it to me. I want to look at the positioning of everything to see if I can see anything. We will work on this together because your warranty is not up, RC