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Hmm - An exciting challenge. I found this in the manual:

You can create User Audio Drums (Wave 44,100, 16-bit) using specific Audio Editor Software, or by importing User Audio Drums which were already created for the AUDYA series keyboards.
Whatever the origin of these files is, the SD9 Pro can "locate" and manage them through the DRUM part of the Modeling feature. In order to be properly recognized and utilized, these audio files must have the following name structure and assigned as such:-

That section of the manual goes on to describe how to name the files for the different parts of a style. I'm thinking you could take a loop that you like in Logic, bounce to a wav, name it as a fill, beak, arranger part "A," "B," etc. to make the SD90 happy. The only thing is that would be using the audio in the loop vs. what is in the SD90. Would that matter? In addition to Logic shipping with audio loops, it also ships with a number of MIDI loops that you could work with. I'll also mention another interesting feature in Logic if you haven't tried it. It's called "Drummer". By moving various sliders and turning knobs, you can influence how complex a pattern it will play. There are various genres to pick from when you start. Same thought, if you find something you like, bounce it to a wav and transfer over to the SD90 and work with it in the Modeling feature.

It just started to rain, and the wife is out shopping with her sister - Maybe I'll mess around a little with this. Sounds like FUN!

Thanks, i have a dowloaded manual somewhere

And yes drummer in logic and mainstage is the coolest drum app to be found..
Might be fun to get it in sync with some style or launchpads...
It will be my main goal to make much more use of the vst collection and mainstage/logic/maschine, in combination with the kronos or modx..(2 setups)
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