Hi All,
My pentium 3 has crashed big time and is probably beyond a prudent, competative repair. It has been overworked for the 18 months it has been here in the recording studio and has used up its "b" life span. i am shopping a pentium 4 and looking at a new sony that has an 80 gig hard drive but also a memory strip and hotwire ports. That should be Memory Stick Media Slot and Firewire Ports. I am always open to any advice from anyone.
I am currently using my backup computer a Pentium 133 that is quite slow. Please don't send in any more songs for the 20 for 1 project until further notice. Please DO send me your email address to rebuild the list for this project. Hold on the addresses, as I have them all on backup cdroms, unless I got your address in the last 2 weeks then you best resend it to me. My last backup was about 2 weeks ago.
Thanks for your understanding. I will be monitoring the forum and email and shopping the new computer market. That is about it for now. Best to all,

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