Hi,and thanks again Aud
Belive you me, I know my best hope of assistance Aud, I'm just hoping he's reading these posts. I looked back over some notes I had made of his answers to other members queries in the past and found some posts on Ricki's problems after a lightning strike. I tried the factory initialization, suggested there, Holding down the top 4 rythm section buttons while turning on, but it's still reacting erratically. It's a bit worrying and the nearest service guy would be some 300 Kms away, so if I can get some advice it may save a trip. I'd hate it to die on me on a Gig. I can still remember back about 30 years ago, when an amp died like that. A wisp of smoke from the box and that was it. A KB with no internal speakers too Luckily there was a guitar player there. who raced home and got his small practice amp and we limped through the night with that.AAArgh. Alec Help.
Regards to all

Originally posted by Audrey Turner:
Hi Eddie,

If your cards are o.k. on the KN2600 it does suggest your KN7 is at fault. However, I am not an expert on these matters but I know a man who is and he has been a great help to many on this forum, particularly to me.

May I suggest you ask TechnicsPlayer for help? He's your man!

Aud (U.K.)

PS I heard today that spare parts for Technics instruments will become obsolete at the end of next year - makes you think doesn't it?