Hi Aud
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately no go. I saved all the 17 All Custom files I had and deleted them. As I have a back up SD card, I did it on both using KB delete on one and computer delete on the other, to no effect. Even worse, we have a KN2600 as an emergency back up and the cards load perfectly in that. I have tried initialize, both program and hard ( hold down 3 L H lower rythm group buttons while turnin on the KB ) but that makes no difference either.
HELP !!!!
Originally posted by Audrey Turner:
I have also experienced this problem, twice to be exact. The first time was a faulty Panasonic SD Card would you believe? This was replaced with a new one which is working satisfactorily.

The second time was because the SD Card memory was overloaded despite the fact it was a 256mb card and showing just 38 Folders. Apparently, this was because I had several CUSTOM STYLISTS settings saved which uses up a great deal more memory than ordinary Panel Memory saves, so my suggestion to you is:-

(1) Try deleting one or more Folders (saving them to floppy or another SD card first) or

(2) if you know someone else with a KN7 try loading your SD card to their instrument and if it behaves in the same way, it has got to be the SD Card. At least you will know it is not your KN7 playing up.

Hope this helps.

Aud (U>K>)