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Hi all. My old outdated Music printing program will not work with XP.

Can you give me your suggestions as to a good, simple, Music Notation Program that you use to enter the notes, etc., and then print out the song.

Thanks, very much.

Larry Gosmeyer

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Hi Larry,I have just listened to your Medley on the 20-1 Disk 2, it is real good, about a Music Notation prgram, what I have in mind is a simple program to print music from MIDI files, just the Melody line and the Chord Symbols, I have tried Sibelius-Cakewalk-Cubase VST-Lime and many others and the best I can find so far is Midi-Connections from BCK Products,England, Email: www.bck.co.uk if any of our members can let me know of any other program that will do this I would be much obliged, all the best to one and all. Johnny Barr.