Thanks Alec. I gave up on Midiscan and switched to SharpEye several years ago. SharpEye was far superior in OCR accuracy. About the only thing it misses is inserting a 1 for most of the l's in lyrics. There is very little editing to do. I have not tried Smartscore. If Finale Print Music can import tif files, then it should be easy to scan the sheets (with Photoshop) that I have already done to get them into Finale. That gives me a back up approach if Lime doesn't work with XP (although I think it will). Lime is without a doubt the most flexible notation software available in it's price range. Almost every variable (such as line width, margins, staff size, etc.) is user adjustable. And, the trial version that is downloadable is fully functional and can handle complete orchestral notation if it is needed. But, it's human interface is not as friendly as others that I have used.