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Bachus, I don't know about module, there is a sd40 like sd7
Ketron is not big like yamaha, it's little, in Italy, but for me make the best arranger, natural, easy ecc.
You want the best right sound ? ok maybe genos is the best. but not editable, if you want program, edit full sound you need pa4x
You need 3 keyboards for have the best. You must decide what you need and what you like. I read some like "sd9 styles is not so complete like yamaha ecc)... my answere is that with modelling of sd9 you can make a style in a minute, you can have user audio drum live guitar. that make the different. I think Ketron idea is for the arranger... Maybe the keyboards is like a girls.. You prefer blonde, I prefer slim ecc

The thing tht makes Ketron really interesting is modules...
I know for ome that overhere in Holland the sd40 sold better then the sd7
Just seems logical that there will be a high end module
Just like there was an audya 4..

For people playing stage piano’s or accordeon or guitar.. a module is the only way to go..

Just ask them when they will release a module, and tell them not to cut any features like they did on sd40 compared to sd7..
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