Hi Roger/Bill, Back in the day when I used Hammonds as my main instrument, I remember that not only did you have the very complex sounds of the 2 part, Leslie, you had the RV cabinet ie:- 122RV which had the reverb channel built in, this was straight and not mixed with the sound of any form of tremolo. There were also a lot of groups which through cost or other uses the small single rotor Leslie which was like the small unit fitted into the home organ ranges of many organs. One area to be mentioned is the custom Leslie, where the Treble Horns which normally only discharged sound out of one horn while the other dummy horn was used for balancing the rotor. in many Rock bands, the "dead" horn was drilled out adding extra trem. smile effect. for the treble. So as Bill said Roger, you may well be looking for that "Golden Fliece"