Hammond sound inc leslie effect

Posted by: RMepstead

Hammond sound inc leslie effect - 08/18/17 01:25 PM

Hi all.. Have any of you managed to produce the Hammond sound with leslie effect on your KN7000. I use Fast Rotor Organ 4 but its not that close to the real thing.
Posted by: Bill Norrie

Re: Hammond sound inc leslie effect - 08/19/17 01:45 PM

Hi Roger,
The sounds produced by the Leslie Cabinet are very complex in nature. Basically, the cabinets contain a rotary twin horn, acoustically coupled to the treble loudspeaker and a rotary drum shaped baffle coupled to the Mid range/Bass loudspeaker.
These rotary elements are driven by electric motors capable of two different speeds - commonly named as Chorale (Slow) and Tremelo (Fast).
The resulting sound is a combination of both amplitude and frequency modulation, caused in part by the Doppler effect, and is a rich and complex mix of tremolo, phasing, pitch-shifting and ambience.
A further complication is the effect intoduced as the speed of 'modulation' is changed from Chorale to Tremelo and vice versa, as the motor speeds accelerate and decelerate. This effect can be clearly heard in the recording of 'Whiter Shade of Pale' by Procol Harem.
It is difficult to reproduce these effects realistically by purely electronic means since much of the effect produced by the Cabinets, is purely 'acoustic' in nature. However, there are electronic devices available which can produce close approximations to the 'Leslie Sound' - usually called 'Rotary Speaker Pedals'. They would connect to the line outputs of a keyboard and then to an external amplifier/speaker combination. However, none of these devices which I've heard, can produce the rich, spacial sound produced by a Real 'Leslie Cabinet'. They get 'near', but........

Regarding reproducing the 'Leslie Sound' on the KN7000, I've spent many hours experimenting within the available sound effects, but have never achieved anything really close to that unique 'Leslie Sound' effect.

So Rog, perhaps you are looking for 'The Golden Fleece' ???
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Hammond sound inc leslie effect - 08/20/17 08:40 AM

Aye you could be right Bill...but you never know what someone might have conjured up. Many thanks for the explanation though.
Posted by: jd5live

Re: Hammond sound inc leslie effect - 08/24/17 07:28 AM

Hi Roger/Bill, Back in the day when I used Hammonds as my main instrument, I remember that not only did you have the very complex sounds of the 2 part, Leslie, you had the RV cabinet ie:- 122RV which had the reverb channel built in, this was straight and not mixed with the sound of any form of tremolo. There were also a lot of groups which through cost or other uses the small single rotor Leslie which was like the small unit fitted into the home organ ranges of many organs. One area to be mentioned is the custom Leslie, where the Treble Horns which normally only discharged sound out of one horn while the other dummy horn was used for balancing the rotor. in many Rock bands, the "dead" horn was drilled out adding extra trem. smile effect. for the treble. So as Bill said Roger, you may well be looking for that "Golden Fliece"
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Hammond sound inc leslie effect - 08/24/17 08:29 AM

Thanks John...chuckle.
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: Hammond sound inc leslie effect - 10/12/17 04:12 AM

The way I did it was to use a Ventilator module with raw organ tones from the KN7000 and send it through a sub out.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Hammond sound inc leslie effect - 10/12/17 06:07 AM

Trust you to be complicated Bernie...chuckle. I will investigate further, thanks.