I would like to give you my suggestion from my experience with SD9 and previous ketron keyboard
- I tried to play with LAUNCH PAD and for me the most important thing with this function is to play Style and when some difficult solo come to play it is good to add it as wave or some other format. But I see that I can not use fill ins and endings but only variations ABCD. So, the point is to play normally style with fill ins and when there comes some difficult part that I can not play with my technic than I add that recorded wave or sample or...
- The other suggestion is when using Grooves there is no ending parts and when I play styles and go to endings it is so empty especially when playing a lot of dance grooves. So give us a chance to use grooves for endings in 1 or two bars.
- I am missing panorama for drum mixer as it was in an earlier versions of Ketron keyboards