YamahaMusicSoft has a new REX Audio Style pack for the PSR-S970-770, Tyros 5 arrangers.


These Audio Styles are a different format from the 50 or so Tyros 5 onboard Audio Styles or the available Audio Style expansion packs. Recent updates to the Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) allows the import of REX files. This allowed a Third Party contributor to develop professional Audio REX styles to be compatible with the PSR-S970-770 and Tyros 5 series of arrangers.

There are plenty of REX type (ReCycle) file libraries available online that any user can use to create their own Audio quality drum parts for their style creation, via the YEM. However, these are wonderfully crafted Audio Styles using these REX type files to recreate authentic sounding drum parts reminiscent of the Golden Oldies era.


Edited by Marcus (10/21/16 09:15 PM)