New! Golden Oldies REX Audio Styles

Posted by: Marcus

New! Golden Oldies REX Audio Styles - 10/21/16 08:04 PM

YamahaMusicSoft has a new REX Audio Style pack for the PSR-S970-770, Tyros 5 arrangers.

These Audio Styles are a different format from the 50 or so Tyros 5 onboard Audio Styles or the available Audio Style expansion packs. Recent updates to the Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) allows the import of REX files. This allowed a Third Party contributor to develop professional Audio REX styles to be compatible with the PSR-S970-770 and Tyros 5 series of arrangers.

There are plenty of REX type (ReCycle) file libraries available online that any user can use to create their own Audio quality drum parts for their style creation, via the YEM. However, these are wonderfully crafted Audio Styles using these REX type files to recreate authentic sounding drum parts reminiscent of the Golden Oldies era.

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: New! Golden Oldies REX Audio Styles - 10/22/16 02:42 AM

Very nice and great sounding styles.
Love the "laid back" 60s Beguine and Rumba.

Do you have a link to the 3rd part company as well?


Too bad ... not comapible to T4 frown
Posted by: Marcus

Re: New! Golden Oldies REX Audio Styles - 10/22/16 04:29 AM

HI Gunnar Jonny

Not compatible with the Tyros 4, but probably convertible in Style Creator if the REX sample format could be converted to wav samples in a UVD ( Custom Drum Kit).

There is a few sample converters out there. I used Sample Converter before for some conversions in the past. If memory serves correctly, conversions were allowed in the Tyros 3 format with Sample Converter, which of course is compatible to the Tyros 4. Wish that developer could update their program to include the Tyros 4 and 5.

Haven't delved deep enough into these REX type files, but the Tyros 4 can accept the WAV/aif samples, while the Tyros 5 can accept WAV/aif, Soundfont, and now these REX files. Not sure if REX2 format works as well, but as long as Soundfont and REX can be converted to WAV samples, should be able to make them work in a Tyros 4 with some knowledge and work in Style Creator.

Regards, Marcus
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: New! Golden Oldies REX Audio Styles - 10/23/16 03:40 AM

Tnx for the info smile
Posted by: Marcus

Re: New! Golden Oldies REX Audio Styles - 10/23/16 07:56 AM

Amazing of potential for us PSR-S670-S970, Tyros 5 users, importing REX format samples via the YEM (Yamaha Expansion Manager). Making the Yamaha arrangers the best in the world with the most variety of styles and realism.

Yamaha Expansion Manager Manual

The above link was copied from my iPad, so I hope it works for PC browsers. I'm out if town this weekend. Already miss my Tyros 5, but still enjoy the forums while away.