Pocket Bible - I use both IOS and Android versions. For me it has the best interface. You touch a certain area of the screen and it will turn to the next verse, book, or page. I've never seen any other Bible apps that do the same except for one, but it is very limited in features.

Unrealbook vs ForScore - I have both, but I use ForScore. I am not familiar with Unrealbook.

iRealPro available for IOS and Android - A great tool for practice and for light duty performance.

iGigbook - You might want to look into it to see if it is something that you need.

I can go into tons of other stuff but the 32GB is not much at all even for a tablet these days, but if you are going to do midi and use the iPad as a sound module, Korg iM1 gives you a lot. For sondfonts, BS-16i. Sampletank, etc.

If a person needs a tablet just for music viewing, Bible apps, adn the like, I would think an Android based tablet would be better and cheaper.
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