Originally posted by Audrey Turner:
Help! I thought I had downloaded your latest production but the keyboard tells me the disk is empty although everything is showing on the PC. After the third effort, I gave up - any idea as to what I am doing wrong please?
Also what is a URL?

PS - how do you get those lovely icons above on your emails?

Hi Aud,
The disc is not empty, in fact it has 20 songs on it. If you are unable to play them you probably have an older keyboard or a digital piano. If you read the info text in the zip file you see the keyboards the songs were recorded on. The current disk I am working on has some PR900 files on it. IF you have a KN6000 or 6500 that perhaps you didn't unzip it to a empty, formatted floppy.
I don't know what instrument you have as you did not note it on the interests line in your registration information, the PROFILE, so I can't help you any further without knowing the instrument you play.
The URL is the website address you clicked on to get the zip file.
The message icons are right above this window you type your message in. You just click the one you want or look to the left of this window and it says Smilies Legend. Go there and it tells you what to type in this window to get which ICON as in