Peter, if you heard my stuff before editing with the sequencer, you'd hear a lot of both! I try to screen out the mistakes before they get to you, but some still creep through. The note editor in the sequencer is pure magic once you get to know how to use it, and it saves me from doing take after take to get the odd clunk out of the song that wasn't supposed to be there, or add the note that was somehow missed. The composer section gets you ready for the party (song) and the sequencer sweeps up after the party. Get to know these functions like your own children and you'll add joy to your life!

I have to agree with you on the time factor. I only finished with disk 1 and now I have two more waiting for me to explore. I gained one style I didn't have, so everything is a big plus for me. All we need is a 48 hour day!

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