"God Bless the Child" was composed by the legendary Billie Holiday and her collaborator Arthur Herzog, Jr. in 1939. It has been arranged in many tempos, I scored it as a swing at BPM=142


Lead Harmonica (S.Art2!)
Clarinet (S.Art2!)
Trombone S.Art2!)
Muted Trumpet (S.Art2!)
Jazz Flute (S.Art2!)

Romantic Strings
Sax Section
Pop Horns Mellow
Clarinet & Flutes

Pop Piano
Acoustic Bass
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Drum Kit (Live)
Itopia Bells

Have a listen when time permits with your favorite Audio gear and I welcome your comments and Inquiries.

I'm hoping for more Premium TYROS 5 voices in 2016 to employ in my orchestrations.


Alan Russell