"God Bless The Child" Tyros 5 Midi-Multitrack

Posted by: Alan-Russell

"God Bless The Child" Tyros 5 Midi-Multitrack - 05/11/16 02:12 PM

"God Bless the Child" was composed by the legendary Billie Holiday and her collaborator Arthur Herzog, Jr. in 1939. It has been arranged in many tempos, I scored it as a swing at BPM=142


Lead Harmonica (S.Art2!)
Clarinet (S.Art2!)
Trombone S.Art2!)
Muted Trumpet (S.Art2!)
Jazz Flute (S.Art2!)

Romantic Strings
Sax Section
Pop Horns Mellow
Clarinet & Flutes

Pop Piano
Acoustic Bass
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Drum Kit (Live)
Itopia Bells

Have a listen when time permits with your favorite Audio gear and I welcome your comments and Inquiries.

I'm hoping for more Premium TYROS 5 voices in 2016 to employ in my orchestrations.


Alan Russell
Posted by: Marcus

Re: "God Bless The Child" Tyros 5 Midi-Multitrack - 10/13/16 07:27 PM

Hi Alan-Russell

Wow, you really gave those SA2 voices a workout in this arrangement, "God Bless The Child". Love the build-up to the full orchestral section near the end of the song.

I know you have been using Sonar to help with the multi-tracking, just curious if the program records all the SA slides, and SA2 effects midi data, that is retained during playback from Sonar back into the Tyros 5?

Or does Sonar merely playback the notes from the different tracks and you manually hit the SA2 buttons from the Tyros 5 when recording the final audio to get all the SA2 effects? No matter how you complete the final audio multi-track, that is one superb rendered complex arrangement. Love it, congrats.

Posted by: Alan-Russell

Re: "God Bless The Child" Tyros 5 Midi-Multitrack - 10/14/16 02:51 PM

Marcus, Sonar Platinum which I use as a life long registered user is used for editing the notes for my arrangement while being viewed on the staff viewer. All of the Tyros 5 samples never change in any way when I save in Sonar .. midi format 0 and add open midi tracks in the Tyros 5 to that saved file. I use this in my work flow especially when doing vocals which I have down pat. I am so pleased with the work flow that I have discovered.

Alan Russell