technicsplayer, This way suits me nicely. The Styles are in time manageable folders. As I fancy a Style I put it on the SD card and, as there is a text file (brilliant thanks!) with a list of the styles per folder, I add my comments there. When I'm done it'll all go into some kind of database where I'll be able to refer to ALL the styles with my notes, eventually.... maybe... someday. There's a lot

I guess I'm using my SD card as 'custom' storage on the keyboard with the laptop as my 'bulk tank' LOL I'm not interested in the card reader at the moment, I'll just play from laptop through the KN speakers if I want to use mp3s. I prefer playing with styles and getting to know the machine right now.

Marilyn, I have the 2600 but used the 2400 download so I don't know if/how the comparison can be made with a specific style. I'm beginning with the earliest (KN2000) to work my way through them all folder by folder but I just tried a random few of the the styles from KN5000 folders and, no, the RH sound didn't change with the Variations.

I bought the card read/writer and successfully downloaded the styles all 64 mb.

When I load into my keyboard when I select any of the four variations of the style I notice the instruments for the right hand melody do not change. Is this normal? I know I can't everything, but I was wondering if something went wrong.

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