Ray, I love using the #6 pad for a chord progression. Blues and Rock use a lot of the 12 bar progressions. Press #6 and it plays the progression in the style, tempo and key of the song I am playing. This leaves both hands free to do whatever.
The #5 has a IIm7 I progression (example in the key of F major) Gm7 and C7. Each chord gets 2 or 4 beats depending on the song.

A IIm7 I progression is used a great in Latin music. They play the theme (melody) of the song then go to the IIm7 I progression and improvise their solo then back to the melody. Sometimes that progression takes 50% of the song.

I love searching and experimenting with music and the Kn7000; what a way to spend my latter years.

John C.