Thought About Pads

Posted by: bruno123

Thought About Pads - 04/15/16 12:49 AM

I have found the use of pads changes the boredom of a style.

User Pads
1-A cymbal on all four beats.
2-A snare on the second beat and forth beat.
3-A guitar strum soft on the first and third beats and strong on the second and fourth beats.
4-A hard bass drum on all four beats. (disco)

The factory pads can also be used in many ways.
Anyone share these thoughts or can add some good ideas on how to take the boredom out of a style. A live band changes often/

John C.
Posted by: The Saint

Re: Thought About Pads - 04/15/16 05:47 PM

Hi John, i use the custom pads quite a lot, in particular pads 1 and 2 in latin mode. It adds a nice bongo sound to the other latin patterns.
Experiment and you will find some other useful sounds as well.

Ray dance
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Thought About Pads - 04/16/16 05:39 AM

Ray, I love using the #6 pad for a chord progression. Blues and Rock use a lot of the 12 bar progressions. Press #6 and it plays the progression in the style, tempo and key of the song I am playing. This leaves both hands free to do whatever.
The #5 has a IIm7 I progression (example in the key of F major) Gm7 and C7. Each chord gets 2 or 4 beats depending on the song.

A IIm7 I progression is used a great in Latin music. They play the theme (melody) of the song then go to the IIm7 I progression and improvise their solo then back to the melody. Sometimes that progression takes 50% of the song.

I love searching and experimenting with music and the Kn7000; what a way to spend my latter years.

John C.