Hi John,

No, it was not I that had mentioned this type of doing a song. I haven't for sometime visited the forum and no longer a true member of the forum. I tried numerous times when I posted for others to LEARN how to use the COMPOSER and it went to no avail. It seems that most want to PUSH BUTTONS on the keyboard and settle for the two-measure styles in the keyboard to make music. What is sad is that these two-measure styles are to only INSPIRE the keyboardist to do their own thing. When Technics (Panasonic) decided to no longer make keyboards, most were anxious to move on to new keyboards to PUSH MORE BUTTONS. Your posting this post and my seeing it made me respond. It is so much easier for you to record in this way by using the COMPOSER instead of doing the song in complete through the SEQUENCER. You can record over what you have earlier done without losing any of what you did. All you have to do is remove what you don't want by erasing in STEP RECORD the errors you made. If you need more tracks, when you do a sequenced song, add the additional tracks in your PANEL MEMORY. One of the most important things you can learn in the keyboard is to fully understand and use the COMPOSER. Being able to compose original backing for a song in a professional way will give you so much enjoyment of accomplishment. As you learn, you will get better and better with your composed arrangements. You will wonder why you ever settled for the built-in two-measure styles in the keyboard.

I am very much against other people's styles or ideas in making music. I would never download Midi. When I make music, it has to be MINE and no one else's.

My best to you and others,

Scott Reed