The Wonders of the Kn7000 --- Ideas to share.

Uses of Step Time Recording:
I have read in many manuals that Step Time Recording is for those who do not play well. Only partly true.
1-Most of us who recorded sequences are familiar Step Time Recording. After the song is recorded you go through and correct errors or add things you feel important.

2-After I have recorded a sequence I record the melody in Step Time. I do this when I am not sure of the melody.

3-I have recorded songs from the movie Saturday Night Fever completely in step time. I use a piano sheet of music; it has all the little extras that helped make the song popular. There is a bass part, different harmonies, and special lines which made the song popular. When the bass part is added it takes away the boring part of a repeated bass line. It also places accents where they are needed.

4-I have taken a piano sheet and used Step Time to record every not on the sheet. The next step was changing every instrument in the sequence to piano or accordion any instrument that you feel sounds best.
Most of what I have done with Step Time Recording just helped me enjoy my keyboard.

Anyone have ideas that they might share, Im open to learn.
John C.

PS, I'll post some of my songs that I recorded in Step Time as soon as I renew my Box Net account.