[QUOTE]Originally posted by technicsplayer:
[B]press favorites

press favorite setting

in category scroll down to other menu

highlight vocalist workstation

hold set

put shortcut somewhere on your favorite screens

let go set

press ok

exit out

go to favorite page

select vocalist workstation (now in flash memory)

page 1 choose your program

page 2 choose your midi parameters, eg which parameters to transmit or receive

problem solved

I do appreciate all the help given. But I still do not understand.

1-I can get to the Vocalist Workstation page , no problem.
2-Page 1 Choose your program????
My keyboard is set to Right 1 Midi channel 1
Right 2 Midi channel 2
Left Hand Midi channel 3
Vocalist (Digitech) is set to the same channels.
I do not understand which program to choose.
2-Page 2 Choose your midi parameters??? Where do I start.

In the midi section of the keyboard the page that deals with imput and output settings –
“Transpose output---on/off --- I set it to on – 30% of my files when loaded turns the output to off – Where is the control for the Transpose on/off saved??

Is this to involved a topic to be handled on the forum??
Must I research and study about midi before I can understand??

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Hmmm, I feel better now.

Thanks for your help, John C.