If only I knew...

Got a brand new board and bag, but longing for the s950. I've read and experimented and even been successful at making the the Pa900 follow my wishes. But, I'm thinking the s950 does a few things I like better. Let me tell you:

The helicon VH is not as good as my Harmony M, definitely not as good as the G70. So far I'm very disappointed.
The upper voices 1,2,3 are not as easily accessible as the buttons on the s950.
It doesn't seem possible to assign an expression pedal to only one upper voice.
I'm still struggling with the dashboard layout. That I can overcome. But, WTH were they thinking when they tied STS to sound selection? What a Pain in the ass.

I'm stuck with this board for now. I'll continue to work with it and I will get better at maneuvering around. I may even get to really like it, BUT for now I'd be seriously tempted to contact the buyer of my s950 and see if he'd like to trade it back. I'll be looking very intently at any new successor of the s950.
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