Well, I made it thru the hour and the audience liked the entertainment. I wasn't that pleased with myself. Luckily, I reset all my style song so I was well prepared to cover the hour with styles only - which is exactly what I had to do. I couldn't seem to get my SMFs loaded properly, so a good part of my regular repitroire was unavailable. I kept the VH quiet and basically only tried to use it a few times.

I need to work on loading my songs better. I want to see the STSs on the bottom of the screen most of the time; I was weak on that. I've got to that chapter on pedal outs again. I don't know if I'll need my expression pedal with the way the organ sounds are set up, and I want to use a pedal switch to either. Move thru the styles or cut the VH in and out.

I think my years of experience got me thru this one today. I've got a few more sessions before I'll feel confident using all the features, but I do like this keyboard.

One last question or two. Is there a replacement songbook that has the correct titles? Can I make a new songbook or selected list from scratch? Thanks.
Riding on the Avenue of Time