Hello everyone;

For those keyboardist that use a Yamaha Motif XF o MOXF in all their sizes, this Expansion pack works only if the user has in the Motif XF -MOXF the optional Memory (I Recommend the 1 GIG).
Below is the link that will allow you to download it for FREE for LIMITED time, with the Code "Sonidos", you download it into a USB drive then load it into your Motif XF-MOXF and will have the Voices from the Banda, Mariachi and Mexican POP (Vintage emulations), real Tuba, Trombones, Trompetas, Clarinetes, Tambora, Gritos, Guitarron, Vihuela, Trompetas mariachi, trompetas mariachi con sordina, Accordions, Bajo Sexto, Gritos de Mujer, Gritos kit 1, etc.....
This will allow a 4-10 piece Band to sound like a Real Banda, or Mariachi, or Norteņo, you can use it life, in productions, etc.....
Also contain the Mexican Pop (Vintage sounds) Emulations.
Here the link