Hi Everyone,

Some background. I have made a recording in the KN7000 Sequencer (I'm working on a few). This particular recording uses a Composer pattern too. Silly me because now I want to convert it mainly to Composer, with just the melody line in the Sequencer.

I'm thinking that the easiest way to do that is to save as MIDI. I could then reload it all into the Sequencer and convert it to Composer or I could load the MIDI into EMC Styleworks XT and convert it there.

However, perhaps it would be better to take the Composer data into a second Sequencer Song and then import the resulting tracks into the first Sequencer Song before finally converting it into Composer(s).

So, my question is twofold:

1 - Do you think this is the easiest way?
2 - Do you have any experience of the best settings for saving a MIDI file that includes a Composer pattern from KN7000, so that it reloads well?

Secondarily, my intention is to convert the resulting composer to earlier formats using Styleworks.

Tertiarily, I'm hoping that the exported MIDI file might be suitable for earlier keyboards.

Roger, as an aside, I remember reading a thread in a Yahoo group where you had published some MIDI files and you were receiving a little bit of 'conversation' after sending some Technics MIDI files for a Yamaha user to play (I think), so you might have some insight for me? That was years ago so I might have the facts wrong!

Many thanks,
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