KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way.

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KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/04/14 01:05 PM

Hi Everyone,

Some background. I have made a recording in the KN7000 Sequencer (I'm working on a few). This particular recording uses a Composer pattern too. Silly me because now I want to convert it mainly to Composer, with just the melody line in the Sequencer.

I'm thinking that the easiest way to do that is to save as MIDI. I could then reload it all into the Sequencer and convert it to Composer or I could load the MIDI into EMC Styleworks XT and convert it there.

However, perhaps it would be better to take the Composer data into a second Sequencer Song and then import the resulting tracks into the first Sequencer Song before finally converting it into Composer(s).

So, my question is twofold:

1 - Do you think this is the easiest way?
2 - Do you have any experience of the best settings for saving a MIDI file that includes a Composer pattern from KN7000, so that it reloads well?

Secondarily, my intention is to convert the resulting composer to earlier formats using Styleworks.

Tertiarily, I'm hoping that the exported MIDI file might be suitable for earlier keyboards.

Roger, as an aside, I remember reading a thread in a Yahoo group where you had published some MIDI files and you were receiving a little bit of 'conversation' after sending some Technics MIDI files for a Yamaha user to play (I think), so you might have some insight for me? That was years ago so I might have the facts wrong!

Many thanks,
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/05/14 11:47 AM

Hi Mike
Strangely enough I've never got heavily into composer sequencing - are you trying to produce a style file for some song or other or is this a complete sequence of the whole song?
I use midi files for the girl singers but save them as technics files rather than midi files.
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/05/14 01:16 PM

Hi Roger,

It's a complete Sequence for a song but I'm using a Composer in the Sequence... and the Sequence does things like muting, volume and speed changes applied to the Composer.

This was a silly way to do it because I now want to make a series of Composers for the specific Song but (because I'm using a Composer within the Sequence) I have to convert that Composer to become part of the Sequence, in order to then convert the Sequence to a series of Composers.

Phew! I hope that makes sense reading it back I added some commas and brackets!

I'll fudge through it and let you know how I get on. The reason I want to convert it to a series of Composers is so that I can run it through Styleworks to convert it for use in older keyboards more easily.

I hope the ol' eyes are 20/20!

Best wishes,
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/05/14 03:55 PM

Mike you have chosen a method which will give far few options than what Roger is using.

You have panel memories which will allow you to change just about everything in your sequence. Roger’s midi file with Technics instruments is the best – if you need midi files. The question: Why put your song in the composer?

Years back we had someone record a sequence with everything in the composer – it was admired as a good task but only fair music.

Mike you have something that I have missed please let me know.

John C.
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/05/14 10:44 PM

Hi Bruno,

Well, I guess the answer is that I want to do both, for these reasons:

1 - If I can generate a good MIDI file then I can share it with many different keyboards.

2 - If I can also generate a good composer then I can convert it to a 'playable format' for many different keyboards.

Personally, I use Customs extensively but Composers are easier to convert (using Styleworks), so that other Technics keyboards can play them.

The purpose is to share the Styles (Composers) with visitors to my websites in a format suitable for many different Technics keyboards. It would also be nice to have MIDI files for users of other brands, however, I've heard that there can be incompatibilities when outputting MIDI files from Technics, this is another reason for asking what are the best settings for doing that, in people's experience.

I often use the method you mention to put an entire song in Composer format. MIDIs are good but they don't let you repeat a verse or chorus in real time whereas Composers let you do that.

Many thanks,
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/06/14 05:51 AM

Mike - I think we need to meet up for a day (or week chuckle) so that we can discuss this, that and the other...and maybe one or two other UK guys like Willum would like to join us?
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/06/14 01:33 PM

I am definitely up for that in the new year Roger! We'd better aim to meet somewhere central?

Over Xmas though I have to visit Technics Royalty (Mr JD)... so maybe February to meet up? Sounds like a plan!
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/06/14 03:03 PM

Is good.
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Re: KN7000 - Saving MIDI Files the 'best' way. - 12/07/14 06:58 PM

Having owned Technics keyboards form the Kn1000 to four different Kn7000 I have their operating was great, it was before its time.

But, there is always a BUT – I found working with midi files and sharing them with others was nightmare. I was able to create a midi files, and as Roger said, using technics sounds. The major problem was no matter how good it sounded when it was used with a different keyboard the instrument sounds were no longer the great Technics sounds. The sounds were created by the instrument they were played on; which means the midi file that was created on my Kn7000 never sounded the same.

The Kn7000 was not made with the thought of sharing midi files. When I used the files I converted them to audio format. They were good but you could not edit them.

I find that the midi files of today have improve a lot. Soooo, my friend and I worked out procedure to convert free midi files into Technics midi files. We were able to use all the Technics sounds, edit the drums, used the pads, and the Memories banks.

When I sold my last Kn7000 the buyer said I would miss it – he was right.

John C.