I have used both in stereo (2) on stage The Bose compact & Nano 300 systems......for smaller venues they were fine I give the nod to the Nano for versatility....but my intention was to only use One PA system for all my jobs and I certainly do so many different scenarios every week and they were ok and covered smaller 50 -75 or so pp,.....but in no way could I ever use either system for my bigger jobs at 200-450pp of which many of my gigs are.. so I researched and tested many more systems and now I am very happy with what I have .....and it certainly serves my needs on stage in so many ways sound wise & versatility.
Good luck with what ever you choose.....& remember its NOt the Pa it's what you put thru it that counts.. cool2

take a look at the Maui systems also as an alternative to Bose C or Nano 300....or The Nano 600 could be a choice also.