Fed Ex delivered it at noon, so I unpacked it and took it to my tandem job at 1:30pm. In the first room I set it up on the floor to my left. It sounded OK, with a strong bass, but not very loud uppers. I came to feel I should have put it on a chair. In the second room I set it on a chair slightly behind me to the right. What a difference; big strong sound. I set channel 1 at about 12 o'clock and the sub volume at about 10 o'clock and that seemed to fill the room even a little stronger and louder than I would with my Compact. There were no complaints from either room, in fact there were a surprising amount of compliments - but then, this was my first time in the second part of the facility.

All in all, I'll have to try it a couple more times before I decide if it beats the Bose Compact or not. I definitely want to put the speakers up on a pole and I'll probably want to try that 'stereo' thing people talk about. smile I will say, that I could be very happy using this system if I didn't have the Bose. They are close; the Nano was about half the price of the Bose, so if $$ is a consideration, the Nano could be your go to mini system.

I heard the Nano last spring in a couple outdoor situations and was impressed enough to want to try one of my own. My first impression is: it's great. I want to take it to one of my regular places and do an actual side by side comparison, but I think that right out of the box, the Nano makes that s950 piano sound much better than the Compact. Vocals were good and clear, and overall keyboard sound was solid. It wasn't the identical sound of the Compact, but I'd have to say they come close to each other.

I was wondering if I would like the Nano or if I'd be sending it back or even selling it. That won't be happening. this is a solid piece of equipment that I'll be keeping for a good while. I want to thank Frank V. for the great price and service...
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