Hi all,

Mine said: "Phase init error" on first boot, but no longer so after 2nd boot. Luckily I did not have to do or run anything in order to fix. I did loose my start-up setup though.

Looking at the attached text file:

It seems that all the existing command & messages have been deleted and new ones added.

I would not know which of these messages & commands did not exist before - maybe one of you will notice some new ones there.

I find it so hard to believe that a file was not added with the update explaining or at least listing all the changes...

I'll play around with my Audya & see if I notice anything different. I definitely cannot as yet find anything that would allow one to play intros & endings as many times as desired although Ketron Italy was really asked seriously to look into this...

Keep well all,


AUDYA_LANGUAGE_EN.TXT (18 downloads)

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