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Glad you sorted it, and great to hear that there's been no technical problems..

A 50 foot lead.. how big is your room?

Well, funny you should mention that about the 50 ft. lead....

This was actually a proof of concept for me, just to see if this would work at all. The keyboards are in the back of the family room, so the HT receiver is actually across the room. It's actually 28 ft. away, as the crow would crawl it, but I wanted to have the cables run along the walls, which tacked on quite a bit of footage. I have a 7.1 HT system (actually 7.4 as I have four subwoofers), and of course the back speakers are located where the keyboards are. So in effect, there is about 115 ft of cable running from the keyboards to those back speakers which are closest to my ears. I didn't notice this when just checking for signal clarity but my wife actually noticed that the notes weren't sounding exactly when she pressed the keys. When I took a closer look (or listen) to it, the delay between pressing the key and it making a note that we could hear, the delay was enough that it seemed that the note was being produced on the bounceback of the key, and not actually on the keypress itself. I thought perhaps it was the mixer introducing this delay, so I just ran the cable direct, and it pretty much proved it is the cable lengths themselves causing the problem. Interestingly enough, it not only affected that delay I mentioned, but it also removed the sharp edge of the note, apparently because the notes were sounding in those speakers in a worst case scenario. Heck, now that I'm thinking of it, it may not be the cable lengths at all, but just the fact that the back speakers generally do act as an echo for the main speakers by introducing a delay. Matter of fact, I think my receiver even has an adjustment for the amount of delay to the back speakers, if I remember correctly.

No real killer, as once I get the floor done over in the other building, this will all be moved over there in a 10x20 room anyway, and I can make certain to arrange the setup to keep the cable runs as short as feasible and position the keyboards more to where the center listening point should be.