Yeah, well, I have all these speakers stored in the dining room along with several home theater receiver/amplifiers, and I'm thinking, WHY buy keyboard amps for the keyboards I want to play with? Perhaps just running the keyboards into a mixer and then to something like the phono input on the receiver would suffice. I think a decent subwoofer would sure help out as well.

Any thoughts? Or is this just way off the wall and I'll have problems with impedance matching or other incompatibilities?

I know the wife SURE wants that crap out of her dining room, and I am cleaning out a room right now in another building to maybe set up as a sort of studio with all the keyboard stuff and one of my desktop computers. Need to run ethernet over there, though, from the house.

But I really need to have some idea if this will even work. Once I get those speakers out of the dining room, my wife will be standing at the door with a gun to keep me from bringing them back if it DOESN'T work.