One other thought . . .
I loaded all my custom Songbook entries from the PA3X into PA900. Too bad they all called up the wrong styles, because the styles weren't in the same exact positions as on the 3x. And some of the styles weren't there at all.
I've spent the last four or five hours "fixing" them, as we say in the South.
It also couldn't find my text files because I updated my library, cleaned up, reorganized it, etc. So I had to resave all that too. About 100 of them.
While I was at it, I changed the Genre name of all my custom songbook entries to "Mine". Now, when I Filter by Genre, they all pop up in alphabetical order. That keeps me from having to sort them "by hand" in a custom list. I can still build custom lists easily enough without having to spend all that time moving the names around!!
You could just as easily use the same method by the Artist field.